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Arcade Fire release yet another trailer

As the date draws nearer to the ultimate release for Reflektor, Arcade Fire seamlessly excite fans again with another trailer. Since appearing at performances like the YouTube’s Music Awards, and the Bridge School Benefit Show, they’ll perform on “The Colbert Report” October 21st. Expect (or hope) to hear some new tracks. The band continues to hold us on a string.

Nonethless, view the cryptic and beautiful trailer below:


Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven

For the past three weeks, I’ve attempted to write this review about five times with the same events happening. First, I create a strong opening line that describes my feeling about the album, followed by a point that talks about the artist, but by the time I get around to actually describing why I feel that way about the music, I cannot discover the words I want to use. Claustrophobic? Spacey? Droning? Jagged? It just goes to show how professional and experienced I am at this. When I think I have it all together, I’m thrown a curve ball in the shape of R Plus Seven and my confidence is shot completely. Not to worry! This time I’ll finish my thought before I’m stolen the words.

Daniel Lopatin is a Brooklyn-based experimental musician, who goes by the name Oneohtrix Point Never when recording his.. music. Now Lopatin is renown in the music world for really pushing the boundaries, not by appropriateness, or by outrageous stunts, but by releasing just plain odd music that sells quite well for an indie artist. I can recall my first review ever being the 2011 album, Replica, and I wasn’t quite sure if I enjoyed it or not. I mean, I gave it a good review, but for a long time I wasn’t convinced that what I was listening was music. Now Lopatin isn’t the most experimental musician out there, but he definitely creates amazing patchworks with odd layouts.

R Plus Seven is Lopatin’s fourth record, and it utilizes a lot of plunderphonics from Replica, but with the unexpectedness of Returnal. What’s so interesting about R Plus Seven is how its Lopatin’s oddest album yet, but also the catchiest. Now catchy doesn’t go hand in hand with OPN, but hear me out. On the opening, “Boring Angel”, a rumbling organ note is held until, yes you read correctly, a steady click from the snare head. Another is how the climax of “Still Life” actually follows hook with synth-based riff of chords. “Zebra” also opens with a staccato of high pitched notes that continue to build and layer. I can run these examples for ages, but that’s the excitement behind this album. It catches you off guard even if you think you know what’s about to happen. Think Walter White’s mind in music.

I would say R Plus Seven is the perfect soundtrack for Breaking Bad’s final season. It has the eeriness of the dark and dreary moments, as well as the flourishing, somewhat happy(er?) scenes. I would never describe Lopatin’s music as happy, but it’s content, much like Vince Gilligan’s intention with his epic show. The way his music on this album shifts from quietly chugging along on a long, droning note and immediately jumps into a whole new sound is frightening. At points (“Along”), it can be hard to handle. I get so attached to the one repeating sound that I feel taken advantage of when Lopatin just dumps a great idea and moves on. It took many listens to realize that R Plus Seven has many dynamics and layers to it.

Now I completely understand when I get a comment that says, “This is hipster shit”. I get it. I don’t think I fully grasp what Lopatin’s intentions are with R Plus Seven. It’s uneasy, awkward, aggravated, at points pure noise, but what draws me back time and time again is the unique feeling of home and warmth from his nostalgic sounds. Lopatin understands himself better than we do, and we just have to deal with it. I feel that he doesn’t expect us, nor does he want us to think ‘I like your music because I know what its like’ because we don’t. We all have different experiences, and Lopatin is providing us the soundtrack to assist with them.




Video for Deltron 3030-City Rising from Ashes featuring Mike Patton


Not one to mince words, Deltron is back and he’s spewing forth much of the same post apocalyptic rhetoric that made him famous on his self titled, 2000, release, but unlike his past accomplishments, he finally has a video that fits his conspiracy theory backdrops.

Looking a little like a cross between the character 9, from the Timur Bekmanbetov movie, and a Murloc, from H.G. Wells The Time Machine, the little girl in this videos journeys across a devastated landscape salvaging can goods and dreaming of a world she was probably was too young to even see. I regretfully admit that Del’s lyrics became white noise before the video was over, leaving me to wonder if what he was saying had anything to do with the video at all. But in the videos defense, it’s imaginative and I loved the costuming. If after watching, you still want to give his entire album a go check the links below.

Oh an tell me if can hear Mike Patton on this track.

Available now at or

Official Deltron 3030 Website

Video for “Coup d’ etat” by G Dragon will get ripped off


I’m not 100% on board with the hook, but that shits still bouncing around in my head after just one listen, so maybe it’s good? The video directed by Suh Hyun Seung (who G-Dragon worked with for BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby,” and solo singles “GO” and “One of a Kind”) certainly is. Coup d’etat, is an interesting yet very 30 Seconds to Mars, look at a pretty boy revolution. It’s an artistic directors dream or nightmare, depending on whose floating the bill. So much is going on in this video that it’s an easy target for industry heads out west to take a huge bite out of. Now what new American pop star can we mold into this androgynous K-pop wanna be?

G Dragon’s latest album Coup d’etat is G Dragon’s second release and it features a culmination of collaborations from various artists in the states like Diplo and Baauer whom he collaborated with on Coup d’etat, “Niliria” featuring Missy Elliot, “R.O.D.” featuring K-pop producer Lydia Paek, “Black” with Sky Ferreira and “Who You?,”


“My second studio album will be released soon,” he told the audience at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Hall. “I wanted to hold a concert after the release of the album, but the release date was bumped because I kept editing the album. I’m now somewhat satisfied with it. It feels like I’m getting my homework graded from a teacher, but please just enjoy the new album without criticizing it. I feel brand new. I’m going to keep releasing new music without notice as the title of the album, ‘COUP D’ETAT,’ indicates. I’m anxious for the songs to come out so we can enjoy them together.”

G-Dragon’s “GO,” along with “Niliria,” which he performed with Missy Elliot at KCON 2013, as well as two bonus tracks, “Window” and “Black” featuring Sky Ferreira, will all be included in the full album release on Sept. 13. The record also features music stars like Boys Noize, Korean singer Zion T and current K-pop trainee Jennie Kim.

It’s all fine and dandy until Kim Jong decides he’s had enough and let’s one fly…fart that is…whaaaaa???!!!!

Prepare yourself for Arcade Fire’s new single

The time has come. I can finally wear my Arcade Fire shirt with pride as they’re now relevant to everyone who’s listened to music past 2007. The Grammy award winners, and indie icons have announced a new single, along with a video that will be dropping on Monday (It fits the 9/9 9PM scheme). Even from the trailer, I’m very excited to see what they do, as the 40 seconds of sound they release is total kick-ass. Relfektor is supposed to drop Octobert 29th, and you can view the trailer below.


Video for Daughn Gibson’s “Kissin on the Blacktop”


I purchased Daughn Gibson’s latest album Me Moan recently and was tickled shitty by it’s fresh spin on country/bluegrass/electronica…and those are just the genre’s I think of when listening to him, truth is it’s a whole lot more. His new single ” Kissin on the Blacktop” is in a word “fresh”, as for the video, directed by Jeremiah Rouse…well it does what one might expect for such a seedy sound, but it works. Check it out and pick up this cats album “Me Moan” is refreshing…just like I said.

Official Daughn Gibson Website

MITNG’S Videos of the Week


MS MR-Think of You

Brooklyn electro-duo is staying true to who they are in this second single off their new album Secondhand Rapture. With that community access vibe they became famous for in their video “Hurricane”, here they come again with a song that once again proves that if your on the outs with your significant other, don’t listen to them.

Com Truise-Chemical Legs (at Room 205)

Com Truise is one of those Ableton maestros, most midi-heads aspire to become. The cat makes it look so easy. This track, that was recorded in cooperation with incase soundvision and Room 205 gives you a lot of what Com Truise has become famous for…that VHS sound.

Island Kizhi-Antithesis

Alright before you get confused and wonder why I embedded a soundcloud player beneath this video, it’s important for you to know that this song, is this particular video, comes two ways. One with narration and one without. The song is part of a Wes Anderson-esque short film, which is essentially this video. But I put the track beneath it so you had options. See how I look out for you?


HOT SUGAR-Leverage” (Feat. Kool A.D., Fat Tony, Lakutis, & Nasty Nigel)

Wow..they threw some truly eclectic acts together for this track. Producer Hot Sugar is laying down some really crunk sounding bass in the vein of Riff Raff or Kitty Pryde. Definitely some shit to bump in your ride, while you fart like no ones inside. Yeah I rhymed…WHAT??!!

Mona – Goons (Baby All I Need) video release

The new single from the rising American rock band, Mona, is setting the stage for the rest of their new album. Titled Torches & Pitchforks, it’s expected to drop July 23rd. While the single, “Goons (Baby All I Need)” is quite generic and radio friendly, it’s the music video that stands out. The song plays out like a more dynamic “Gold On The Ceiling” by Black Keys, so expect to hear this track on every sports commercial possible.

The video opens with a vintage letterhead of the band’s name, followed by a statement that talks about how the US government tried to crack down on rock & roll in the 50′s to reduce youth crime. After, there’s a scene that shows a quote by Frank Sinatra trashing rock & roll, calling it fake and primal. Now if there’s a textbook way of hooking the audience, it’s this. The opening itself completes the music video, showing off the fact that “We won the war”. It’s an interesting concept that’s portrayed by the rest of the video.

Now following this great opener, we’re graced with watching a mixture of modern day house partying and vintage 50′s style. There’s no ground broken here, and if it wasn’t for the great opener this video would actually be quite bland. What completes this entire video is the story behind it. The band slaps everybody’s negative opinion of rock & roll in the 50′s by using the same instruments, same clothes, and same hairstyles as the past generation’s bad-asses used and threw them into a contemporary scene of good-looking people. Greasers lived on and crooners died with jazz, that’s the entire message of this video. While not exactly accurate, it’s a good portrayal of how the times have changed, and we’ve become more accepting of what’s shown in pop culture.

While Mona doesn’t create anything special and influential here, they do create a scene of how we’ve changed for the greater good. More accepting and open to the arts and freedom of speech. The video showcases a classic party and how no matter who we are, we know what a good time is. Generally speaking, the rules haven’t changed from generation to generation, and Mona provides the examples here.

Catch the video here:

MITNGTV Episode 4


This week on MITNGTV we’ve got some new clever graphics for ya, showcasing two new spots on our program…The Kickstarters (where we focus on a Kickstarter we are excited about) and Underground Mondays (where we showcase some up and comers to the music scene). Course we will be highlighting all the stuff we’ve been talking about all week Mezo and Dj Micro Connected Remix, IDW’s Locke and Key coming to the big screen, Tom Morello’s work on the Pacific Rim soundtrack, the art of Nicola Verlato and much much more. Be sure to watch and subscribe to our channel or face the wrath!!

MITNGTV on Youtube


MITNG’S Videos of the Week

 photo tumblr_m23bapq57o1qiz3j8o1_500_zpsb1bba684.gif

Deerhoof-Breakup Songs
Looking like outtakes from M. Knight Shyamalan’s The Village ,this strange group of images does nothing to reinforce the songs message, but instead takes you on a primeval journey to the 1700′s for some plague-like goings on. It’s an interesting song that needed an interesting video and boy did we get one.

Mykki Blanco-The Initiation

I wouldn’t expect anything less from the hip hop diva Mykki Blanco. This time he went full throttle on the weird and introduced ideas of a society of misfits being hunted down by “the man”. I must admit, I’m getting the Aphex Twins vibe while watching, but this might’ve just been me.

Cloud Control-Dojo Rising
Obviously a play on Jim Morrison‘s famous anagram, the Aussie folk band Cloud Control, traveled to Bolivia for their latest video that features a Quincenera that has gone pear shape. One question, who the hell would hire a clown that looked like John Wayne Gacy? Are you mad?

G FrSH-Never Can I
This tuff track has that Mad Decent feel to it, but with way better lyrics than those coming from the MD camp, as of late. I kept waiting to see or hear Santigold pop out of this video, but she never did :( . Still an outstanding video from this Nigerian born stylee.


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