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MITNG Videos of the Week


Got a colorful smorgasbord of images for yo ass this week. Starting off with the always entertaining Die Antwoord, then our Icelandic pop star Robyn get’s down with non other than Snoop D.O. Double G, not to be out done is the west coast stylings of Wavves and then a treat for those of you into J-pop. I found this little cartoon thug on youtube and she’s making some noise, her name?…CL. Bahleez Dat!!

Die Antwoord-Cookie Thump

Robyn-U Should Know Better ft. Snoop Dogg

WAVVES-That’s On Me

CL-The Baddest Female


MITNG’S Videos of the Week

 photo tumblr_m23bapq57o1qiz3j8o1_500_zpsb1bba684.gif

Deerhoof-Breakup Songs
Looking like outtakes from M. Knight Shyamalan’s The Village ,this strange group of images does nothing to reinforce the songs message, but instead takes you on a primeval journey to the 1700′s for some plague-like goings on. It’s an interesting song that needed an interesting video and boy did we get one.

Mykki Blanco-The Initiation

I wouldn’t expect anything less from the hip hop diva Mykki Blanco. This time he went full throttle on the weird and introduced ideas of a society of misfits being hunted down by “the man”. I must admit, I’m getting the Aphex Twins vibe while watching, but this might’ve just been me.

Cloud Control-Dojo Rising
Obviously a play on Jim Morrison‘s famous anagram, the Aussie folk band Cloud Control, traveled to Bolivia for their latest video that features a Quincenera that has gone pear shape. One question, who the hell would hire a clown that looked like John Wayne Gacy? Are you mad?

G FrSH-Never Can I
This tuff track has that Mad Decent feel to it, but with way better lyrics than those coming from the MD camp, as of late. I kept waiting to see or hear Santigold pop out of this video, but she never did :( . Still an outstanding video from this Nigerian born stylee.

MITNG’S Videos of the Week


Action Bronson- Strictly for my Jeeps

I saw the featured rapper Riff Raff in a recent interview on Pitchfork and although I think he’s full of shit, I think he’s a genius. As for Action Bronson, this is the first time I’m been downwind of this cat and for doo doo rhymes he’s not bad to listen to. This is silly party music, nothing else and something tells me that their good with that.

Congo Natty-UK Allstars

With all the craziness going on in the U.K. right now, it’s nice to know that conscious hip hop is still alive. These guys lay down some trip-hop/jungle-esque beats and mix in some chatty linguistics to top of an already intense track. This is a banger.

THEESatisfaction-EEN SAH EWE

I love and have loved what these young ladies have been doing for a minute, but I think the real treat comes in seeing them live. One could only be so lucky to have an affinity for funk and soul and happen upon this set after a long day. They deliver that Farmers Market funk with the ease. So much so, you might want to propose to these divas who are giving neo-soul the Sun Ra enema that it deserves.

Charli XCX-Take My Hand

What can I say, this girl knows how to work a camera. I mean she’s a natural and next to her thumpin music, her charisma is primarily the reason I’ve stayed on board. Take My Hand, is another solid achievement my this UK youngin. The Charli Party is still going! It’ll be interesting to hear how the rest of her new album sounds.

The Lonely Island-Diaper Money

It’s hard being a grown ass man and former Adam Sandberg’s zany hip hop project The Lonely Island, makes it abundantly clear. The song goes from handling diapers to wife nookie to grave plots…you know the fundamentals of marriage. It’s funny, but speaks volumes about what really matters.

Dirty Beaches-Casino Lisboa

Is Lisboa a derivative of the word lesbian? Is Lisboa an island where lesbian’s first came from, before venturing to new lands? These and other questions linger on my tongue as I watch this seedy and dirty video for Dirty Beaches track Casino Lisboa. It’s an unfamiliar trek down a redlight district in Thailand. Can you smell that Pad Thai? Oh shit…where’s my wallet?

Kanye West-New Slaves

It’s funny how cathartic Kanye’s music can be. This could be the only thing I do respect about him. He is pretty candid about the way he feels, yeah wait…we all know that. I think what I’m trying to say is that judging by this song, he knows he’s in the rut, that nigga-rich rut, but, and this is something that I hope he will one day understand, he can leave all that shit behind whenever he is ready. But until then, his music is still good and sits lights years apart from the man.


MITNG’S Videos of the Week



The Next Day is like David Bowie’s ode to Madonna’sLike A Prayer” video only this is ten times more insane and it features Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard whereas “Like A Prayer” only featured LEON. You remember…that guy from Cliffhanger who got impaled on an icicle.


This week Brooklyn based indie cats The National released their new album “Trouble Will Find Me” and to commemorate the release of their first single/video “Sea of Love” the band pays homage to the band that started the whole “put a strange kid in your videos dressed like you playing an instrument (fake or real) and they will come”…that’s right, I’m “talking” about “Talking Heads” and their 1983 single “Burning Down the House” .


Seriously who doesn’t love The Dream. I am always tickled shitty when he releases tracks, although they never get radio play, there’s no denying the quality and catchiness. He’s really an underrated artist in our times, but that’s not going to stop him from putting out tracks like this one. This here is some babay-making music!!


I kinda just stumbled across Mikal Cronin and was immediately hooked. He reminds me of some of the lighter pre- grunge bands, some who went to stardom and some who didn’t. I’m pretty sure that this guy would have made it back then, cause he’s making it now and he’s all about transparency. You’ll see what I mean.


In researching Mikal Cronin, I came across Telekinesis, who are on the same Merge Records as Mikal Cronin. I’m starting to see a pattern with the artist on this label. At least with these two, who sound like the bands who were on Sub Pop’s label back in the nineties. Good stuff all around.


Major Lazer‘s Diplo really does have a pretty open approach when it comes to allowing directors to express themselves. It sure as hell makes for some pretty fun viewing. This song is very powerful, and you know what’s even more powerful? A teenager twirling a eight foot scimitar in front of her elderly grandmother. Let the hilarity ensue.

Witch House duo, do we still call it Witch House? CREEP enlists the help of vocalist Holly Miranda on this Vampire-thumpin tune. Holly’s got some crazy creepy skills in this video, but not enough to be turned off by, but strangely enough, I am turned on. Does that make me weird?

MITNG’s Videos of the Week


This is what happens when you don’t have a tv. You miss out on some really good videos and wind up posting them after all the life has been sucked out of them. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself, some of these videos may still be rather new, but just so I can sound cool I’ll say their old. This week we are featuring some strange avante-garde but highly imaginative and beautiful joints from…

Thirty Seconds to Mars-Up in the air
Empire of the Sun-Alive
Dan Deacon-Konono Ripoff No.1
MNDR-Faster Horses
Coco Rosie-After the Afterlife
Andrew Bayer-Lose Sight


Andrew Bayer – Lose Sight from Czlowiek Kamera on Vimeo.


MITNG’s music videos of the week


Mykki Blanco-Feelin Special
The Pastels-Check My Heart
Miguel-How Many Drinks featuring Kendrick Lamar

Watch Ian Isiah, “Mindfuck”


With R&B as popular as ever, we bring to you a great artist with one of the craziest music videos released over the past while. Ian Isiah, who’s newest video is one to avoid in the workspace, adds his twist on the growing Alternative R&B genre. His ability to incorporate the glitch sound of a James Blake song with the vocals of the new Rhye album is masterful. Majority of the lyrics come down to one phrase: “Mindfuck”. It’s summed up perfectly, as the song follows the most basic drum machine while whirling around that one almighty phrase. The beauty of it is that the atmosphere never feels out of place, and if the music video turns you off, then change windows and repeat the song until desired. The song has an Aphex Twin, “Avril 14″, keyboard sound in the background that allows this piece to be played over and over without feeling repetitive. Ironically, that’s the beauty of the song. It’s repetitiveness of the song has such a perfect phrase that it can go for hours and still feel fresh. I’m excited to see what Isiah has in store for us next.

M1NDFVCK from IAN ISIAH on Vimeo.

Check the song here if the video isn’t for you: 


MITNG’s videos of the week

I hope you guys appreciate what I do for you. I compiled some badass videos for your viewing pleasure this weekend. We have an amazingly creative video for Paul Whites song “Street Lights” featuring Danny Brown. The next is a feel good diddy from those lovable Canadian Nymphs Tegan and Sara. The next is a dope track and uber-trippy joint from Bassment Jaxx and you don’t need to be high for this one, that’ll only make it worse. The last one is an OK Go inspired video from A Trak and Tommy Trash called Tuna Melt…it’s a bit long, but it’s fun to watch and yes, you have my permission to indulge in controlled substances watching that one.



MITNG’S videos of the week


I realize I’m getting this out to you guys later than I normally do. This week was chocked full of plugging for our new Youtube series, so things kinda got put on the back burner. Do you forgive me? The following videos are both cerebral and fun especially the little throwback one we threw in there for good measure. We hope you enjoy!

MITNG’S best videos of 2012…an Epic year!!


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