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SKRILLEX Video RAGGA BOMB combines Elysium with Star Wars and it works


Skrillex is known for his love of science fiction. He uses samples from anime, science fiction and horror films to create his heart pounding dubstep, so when he teamed up with  South African director Terence Neale, for his latest video “Ragga Bomb”, you know  it’s going to be magic. This video for “Ragga Bomb” featuring the British jungle mainstays Ragga Twins , is highly imaginative sci fi, to say the least. The video was shot in Johannesburg and Alexandra, South Africa and even features a lightsaber battle at the end. I don’t know if George Lucas is gonna come at him for this, but my guess is that he will (cause George Lucas can be a dick like that).

Ragga Bomb can be downloaded off of  Skrillex’s latest release “Recess” now on Itunes and Spotify .

Pharrell tests the limits of human attention with his 24 hour video Happy


I think I might’ve liked this video or videos, better if it wasn’t such an exercise in endurance. The song Happy which was featured in the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, is a Motown ditty that sounds like something written by Raphael Saadiq, but it’s not, proving again that Pharrell is a master at imitation. That being said, it’s a good song, but even on the first run of this song it was repetitive so about a minute into this four hour video, I was done. I will say this, the song is in my fucking head now. Directed by the We Are From L.A. group, the video features cameos from Jamie Fox, Steve Carrell, Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Jimmy Kimmel, and Magic Johnson…none of whom I saw in the video, but they’re probably strategically placed within this four hour long “test of patience”, so you’d have something to look forward to. Guess what? I can’t do it.

I don’t know. After several years I still can’t decide whether I like this guy or not.

Below I posted the four hour video, but if you’re feeling frisky you can catch the actual 24 hour video HERE


Listen to PHANTOGRAM’S Black Out Days


Sharing the crown with other New York-based, synth pop duos like School of Seven Bells, Sleigh Bells and Purity Ring, PHANTOGRAM, Josh Carter (vocals, guitars) and Sarah Barthel (vocals, keyboards), are carving quite a reputation for themselves in the electronic scene. Their 2011 release “Night Moves” is a catchy variant on the sometimes too abstract “blips and blops” that have emerged out of the Big Apple. Instead they deliver a clever blend of hip hop, 80′s and pop. Today they released a new single called “Black Out Days” and although the production is tight, it’s not one of my favorites, but it’s still a worthy track and worth a listen. They still haven’t released word on when we can expect another album, but I think it’s safe to assume, they are in the lab right now.

MITNGTV Episode 4


This week on MITNGTV we’ve got some new clever graphics for ya, showcasing two new spots on our program…The Kickstarters (where we focus on a Kickstarter we are excited about) and Underground Mondays (where we showcase some up and comers to the music scene). Course we will be highlighting all the stuff we’ve been talking about all week Mezo and Dj Micro Connected Remix, IDW’s Locke and Key coming to the big screen, Tom Morello’s work on the Pacific Rim soundtrack, the art of Nicola Verlato and much much more. Be sure to watch and subscribe to our channel or face the wrath!!

MITNGTV on Youtube


Another groundbreaking remix of Mezo’s “Connected” by DJ MICRO


You may have already seen this track in a past post, but the beautiful track “Connected” by Mezo has just received a complete makeover by electronic artist, Micro. This remix distributed by Dank on his label Funky Element Records , is extremely kick-ass and is steadily climbing the Beatport charts. The track begins as a regular house jam that forms into a very complex arrangement. The Deadmau5 sound is prominent, but he gets creative and only expands as the song progresses.

Mezo’s original is used very wisely throughout the song, and the killer vocals and steady beat are prime examples of the artistic 168538_10150365788535512_506280511_16986149_1040673_nmerit in this track. I can’t get enough of the blips of silence that add to the effect of a drop. It only fires me up for what’s about to happen. The production is prime quality, and Dj Micro (Caffeine, DeCaf) puts his best foot forward to keep listeners on their toes. The song creates a 3D effect in my head. It expands and compresses to build the rise and fall of energy. At just over 6 minutes, the song does build a lot, but it’s the falling action that grabbed my attention.

When the song separates itself for another build up, I wonder how much more it has in store to still be energetic and entertaining. About halfway through, Micro pulls a rabbit out of a hat and adds a few twists and turns that would make anybody go wild. A little dubstep frills and bass drops are a great change to keep it fresh. Finally, the track ends with a straightforward, clean ending of 4/4 bass hits and the main rhythm repeats itself to it’s final stop. Loving what I hear, and just another great remix of Mezo’s “Connected”.

Be sure to check out the track below and let us know what you think!

Funky Element Records

 Micro on Facebook

 Micro on Beatport

Mezo on Facebook

Mezo on Beatport

Jai Paul’s album is available for download

jai Paul
I have this thing about music, when I hear something that sounds like something I’ve heard before, I tend to switch off. I don’t know if whether this process has worked to my benefit or has unintentionally cut me off from a slew of good music, but it’s been how I’ve been doing it for years. I’m of the opinion that if the universe wants me to really find out about this group, well then, at some point, it will. That being said, it’s on rare occasion that I listen to something that I think I’ve heard before all the way through, but in my defense it’s Sunday and I’m feeling a bit lazy.

So along comes producer/vocalist Jai Paul from the U.K. with his new self titled album. I guess it’s one thing if you rip, but totally another is you keep it original and take your sound onto interesting paths that won’t pigeon-hole you, but allows for some very unique aural vibes and this is precisely what Jai Paul is doing.

Those of you familiar with Chillwave groups like Teen Daze or Baths will recognize Jai Paul’s vibes, but what’s really interesting is he blends in some high falsettos like Lykkie Li and wobble grinds like one of my favorite artist Hudson Mohawk. It’s a good wave to be riding on right now with artist like James Blake, Autre Ne Veut and Active Child gaining more and more steam on the electronica/dance scene. Jai Paul is going to fit in just like one of those pegs on those wooden triangles you get at Ihop.


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