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Character posters for the Attack on Titan live action film arrive


Late last year there was talks about a live action version of the anime hit Attack On Titan currently in production, well director Shinji Higuchi and producer Yoshihiro Sato, have released these epic character posters for the film and they look amazing!!! I don’t know if you have ever seen the anime AOT, but it’s very interesting and as vast as Game of Thrones. I for one, can’t wait for “this version” to arrive in the states!! Stay tuned cause I smell a trailer in the not-to-distant future!


(Anime News Network)

The cast includes seven characters that are new to the film versions of the story. Sanspo reports that Hasegawa’s character Shikishima holds the key to the film’s story as “humanity’s strongest man.”

On the cast selection, producer Yoshihiro Sato said he did not pay as much attention to whether or not the cast members looked like the original characters. Instead, he had many discussions with Attack on Titan manga creator Hajime Isayama and went with actors who could act out the “characters’ spirits.”

The films’ director Shinji Higuchi confirmed that the project will span two films and stated that, with the supervision of Isayama, the story will be based on the world and characters of the manga, while incorporating new characters and new formidable enemies. Yuusuke Watanabe (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, live-action Gantz, Gantz II: Perfect Answer, 20th Century Boys, Gatchaman) is writing the script. Film critic Tomohiro Machiyama, who is also friends with Isayama, is working on the scripts together with Isayama and Watanabe.


Artist Sacha Goldberger reimagines fanboy heroes as Elizabethan citizens and the result is astounding


This is an interesting take on the re-imagined.  Artist Sacha Goldberger brings the Shakespearean vibe to our most beloved heroes of Star Wars, Marvel and DC lore and the result is breathtaking!!! You’ll notice that most of these are the actual characters from the films/movies. How it was done so seamlessly is beyond me, but it’s what sets this series aside from the usual fan art. Enjoy!

Some of the best cosplayers at the Phoenix Comic Con 2014


The results are in and yes, the Phoenix Comic Con is a force to be reckoned with. This year featured booths by Dark Horse Comics, Boom Studios, Archaia Entertainment and many many more. In addition to that, there are a ton of panels and signings, from some heavy hitters in Hollywood and the comic book world, alike. I, unfortunately, won’t be doing the whole weekend, but I did manage to checkout a few of the booths and take some pictures of some really “well-dressed” and “totally committed” cosplayers this year.

By the way, the uber-popular anime, Attack on Titan, is clearly a hit this year. Everywhere I turned ,there was another member of the illustrious “Survey Corps”, the army responsible for protecting humans from these enormous monsters. Anyway, you’ll see a few of them in this album, along with images of Star Wars people, Resident Evil so on and so forth. I hope you enjoy them and if you get a chance please go the the Phoenix Comic Con, this year is going to be epic!


Zero Complex is a cosplay series that needs to happen NOW


My good friend/ director and lead faculty for Digital Video at University of Advancing Technology Paul DeNigris, is at it again with another “oh-so-worthy” movie, but this time, he needs our help to make it happen. You might remember Paul’s work from films like the Mass Effect fan film Red Sand and the viral sensation Bohemian Rhapsody:Star Wars Edition.Well he’s put together a Kickstarter project  that describes itself as a clever blend of The Community and Kick Ass. It’s called Zero Complex.


SYNOPSIS: “Zero Complex” follows a group of students at “UTech,” a private geek-centric college, who cosplay as their favorite comic book heroes. Only in their world, heroes like Batman and Superman don’t exist and have been replaced by a cadre of characters created specifically for this show.

The films scope and color alone is enough to hook anyone in with an once of imagination. I’ve worked with Paul on many projects and am positive that this is going to be his masterpiece if Zero Complex reaches it’s $22,000 goal. Along for the ride is Paul’s friends co-writer Steve Brisco. Award winning costume designer Nola Yergen co writer Kris Kwan cinematographer Jace Oppie and character designer Stephen Failla.

They have only three days left to make their goal, so please take a look at their kickstarter video below and, if you can, donate to Zero Complex.

Zero Complex stars Mark Grossman as Devin Kane Kelly Nicole as Jacqueline Conrad Beau Birtwistle as Richard and Mark Meer as Bastian CaleFinger. There is currently no official release date for the series. Oh yeah, that’s up to you!






New AKIRA fan made teaser trailer shows amazing potential


It goes without saying that with a little ingenuity, passion and respect, anyone with the know how and patience could create a better Akira film than most Hollywood directors could ever imagine. No disrespect to those in Hollywood who are trying to get this amazing Manga/Anime to the big screen, but Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to adapting anything fanboy related, especially one that is as cult as this. We did a story awhile back about director Albert Hughes (Book of Eli, From Hell) and his struggles with Warner Bros in regards to doing Akira and then director Jaume Collet-Serra (Non Stop, Run All Night) took the helm and as far as we know he is still steering. But amidst the fog of war comes, as always, some talented VFX artists who are tired of waiting around and are putting together an Akira trailer and have even launched an indie go go campaign to raise money for the cause. Their hopes is that the trailer will be good enough for Hollywood to seed them with some cheddar to bring their idea to fruition. I think they have what it takes! I’ve watched the teaser trailer, that I’ve posted below, and it’s brilliant! It really encapsulates, in under a couple of minutes, the whole feel of the book and movie. I was really impressed, as I’m sure, you’ll be too.


The Akira Project is a crowd-sourced, non-profit project meant to create a live action fan trailer of AKIRA, the renowned manga-turned-anime film from the late 1980′s; a stunning example of bothAkira-Project-Official-Poster mediums as art forms. While Hollywood is trying, for the fourth time, to complete a live-action adaptation of Akira, we, as fans, felt like we ought to take a shot at making our own adaptation. A chance to stick as close to the source material as possible. A chance to do Akira Justice.

We launched an Indiegogo campaign  in July 2012 as part of a crowd sourcing effort to make this project come to life. Many people contributed not just financially but also with their time and talent to help the production that happened from November 2-5th 2012. It was an intense shoot with lots of adventures and hurdles, but we managed to get something amazing that will truly give Akira fans the world over something to be proud of!

The final edit and soundtrack of the trailer have been completed in June 2013. With the help of many artists both found locally and online, we are now creating the world of Akira and the special effects needed to make this trailer the best it can be. Starting October 2013, we will be finally releasing some artwork and behind-the-scenes material throughout the next few months, prior to the release of the trailer in early 2014.

Keep in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter for the latest news and release dates.

Absolutely gorgeous and moving tribute to the cosplayers of Dragon Con 2013


So I know you’ve seen a lot of cosplay videos from conventions as well as smart ass geek-youtubers interviewing/hurling insults at cosplayers and groping women, for the sake of their ignorant fans…well this is not what this is. This is an outstanding tribute to those who dream of other worlds and once, twice or three times a year, they become the physical manifestation of that idea. I know because I used to cosplay…quite frankly I don’t know why I quite, but watching this video makes me want to do it again.

The footage in the following video comes from the annual Dragon Con held in Atlanta Georgia. In recent years Dragon Con has grown to epic proportions and shows no signs of slowing up.

I won’t say to much more cause you really need to see this…and for those who mock their friends and family for doing what they love….schools in bitches and the cosplay is here to stay!!

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