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Kirk Hammett of Metallica’s new book ‘Too Much Horror Business’ showcases his awesome collection

Kirk Hammett in his San Francisco home. Courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle.

I used to work at a restaurant in the late 90′s, early 2000′s, called Soul Kitchen.  Every now and again my fellow bartender, Sean, a former rock roadie and huge toy collector, would meet up with Rob Zombie for an afternoon of toy scavenging.  Imagine my surprise when this lanky, dreaded out metal musician saddles up to my bar on a Sunday morning.  Anyway, Sean’s collection was super sweet and covered most of the walls in his apartment, I could only imagine what Rob Zombie’s house looked like.  Now, after seeing the following video that Kirk Hammett did with Wired, touring around his room full of horror collectible delights, I have a pretty good idea of the expanse of it all.  Hammett self-describes himself as a ‘horror nerd’ and that is putting it lightly.  His collection is out of this world and I’m really looking forward to diving into his new book, Too Much Horror Business.

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