Awesome motion comic book for The Grandmaster presented by Vice


This is really really cool! Got word of this through Vice Magazine‘s TUMBLR site. They apparently gathered a few of their favorite comic book artists and put together this amazing motion comic book to celebrate the release of The Weinstein Company‘s The Grandmaster.

Among the host of talented artists are Chris Evenhuis (Blackcat), PH Marcondes (Mighty Morphing Power Rangers), Keison (Batman, Powergirl), CHEE and Andrew Crossely (X Men). The story is written by Andrew Schmidt. I’ve posted, some of the images from the comic below, but you’ll have to click the jump to see them animated.

Trust…it’s worth a click!

This is a great idea for what I hope will be an amazing film.

The Grandmaster stars Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Zhang Ziyi and Cung Le, The Grandmaster opens stateside on August 23rd.

To see the comic book hit the jump.


Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Wong Kar Wai, THE GRANDMASTER is an epic action feature inspired by the life and times of the legendary kung fu master, Ip Man. The story spans the tumultuous Republican era that followed the fall of China’s last dynasty, a time of chaos, division and war that was also the golden age of Chinese martial arts. Filmed in a range of stunning locations that include the snow-swept landscapes of Northeast China and the subtropical South, THE GRANDMASTER features virtuoso performances by some of the greatest stars of contemporary Asian cinema, including Tony Leung and Ziyi Zhang.(c) Weinstein


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